During the year, many travelers flock to the capital city, Vienna. They come from all over the world and make memories and tour the city. These are some of their experiences that will provide information for those of you would like to pay us a visit.

Schloss Schonbrunn

This is one of the most well-known buildings in Vienna. Its actually a palace here in the capital city. This palace has over 1400 rooms and only forty of them are available for the public. There is an Imperial tour that one can take in which this one is a part of. You will get to see 26 of the rooms on the tour, and the private living quarters of famous people are on this tour as well. This is a very popular experience that one must prepare for in advanced.


In Vienna, there is an Imperial art collection. This collection even has treasures, coin collections, and priceless art. In this area, there are a wide range of museums and there is also a section of meteorites, fossils, and more. Vienna is known for its art and beauty; this experience is a must especially if you love art.

In Vienna there is a museum district, which is an unforgettable experience. Europe’s very best artists are showcased in this lovely city and the art is absolutely stunning in any eyes. There is so much art showcased in Vienna, you’ll need to stay longer in order to tackle it.


Vienna is well known for its music. Whether it’s the classical composers like Beethoven and Mozart who ring a bell, there is so much more in the music scene in Vienna. The Vienna Boys’ Choir is an amazing group of voices who tour annually and call Vienna their home. The city has incredible performances daily and this is a must experiences for all of those who visit.

Revisione Vienna


The Hofburg is a palace in Vienna that shows the city’s history and heritage. It is one of the oldest pieces of history here. This was named after Swiss guards who would protect this area. The palace dates to 1553 and the palace now is home to the Austrian president’s office. There are also museums in this palace. It is very diverse and very beautiful.


Another experience you cannot miss in Vienna is the gothic Cathedral Stephansdom. It is called Little Stephan, but this is Vienna’s baby! This church has been a part of the city since the 12th century. The roof itself is a piece of beauty and it is tilted with the chevron design. This is a very striking church as well. There is a stone pulpit that was designed in 1515. The altar is very high and there are guided tours that are done daily for travelers. This is a must-see landmark.

When you come to Vienna, make sure you are ready for the most amazing sights and sounds that this city can offer. Soak up the beauty and come back and see us.