Vernam is a platform based on the blockchain technology and has been created to revolutionize the insurance industry. It is going to change the way people obtain insurance. It is a zero percent commission insurance and is the first platform to do so. It offers generous compensations to people who use Vernam tokens (VRN), and the policy premium is returned to the clients.

This is the first company in the world to offer a technological solution to lower the cost of insurance services. In spite of lowering the cost of insurance services, the major insurance companies are seeing an improvement in their business.

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Vernam uses the blockchain technology to provide an efficient environment to those who want to buy insurance or provide it. Vernam provides the users with the following features:

  • Good compensation, that is up to 30% of the policy premium which is returned to the clients in the form of Vernam tokens. Clients who’ll purchase conventional insurance will get a cashback award which will be equal to the broker’s commission.
  • An efficient marketplace which will allow people to buy and sell insurance products. These insurance products are offered by some of the biggest insurance companies around the world. The Vernam tokens will give full advantage to clients for using these services. VRN is a standard non-minable, Ethereum-based ERC20 token. This token can be easily obtained during the crowdsale event.
  • Clients will be able to use the CryptoSafe smart contract, which will allow them to get the services without commission. The client will be compensated according to the particular set of events.
  • A safe and secure environment is provided because of the sharing of the ledger. The use of a shared ledger will decrease the chance of data theft or manipulation and will increase transparency by decreasing the transaction costs.


The platform provides a good opportunity for those who want to buy or sell insurance. At this platform, you’ll be able to deal with some of the largest insurance companies from around the world. There will be advisors who work with people from different fields of the insurance industry and thus, you’ll be able to gain expertise from them regarding the dealing of cryptocurrencies. Vernam offers a safe and secure environment for people and it is the first 0% commission platform which deals with insurance-based services.